Science Writing

As a science writer, I entertain, educate, and empower my audiences by translating complex scientific literature into everyday language. I draw on elements of biochemistry, toxicology, and epidemiology to produce compelling writing that people can understand and relate to. Some of my work includes investigative reporting, health narratives, informational blogs, and educational materials. My science blog, Mithradatum, explores the amazing, scary, thrilling, wacky, bizarre, logical, paradoxical world of science.


Biomedical Editing

I provide professional scientific editing and writing services with a focus on the biological and biomedical sciences and healthcare fields. I have specialized expertise and training in the areas of nutrition and public health. I will maximize the accuracy and impact of your documents and improve your scientific, publishing, and funding success, while maintaining your voice and passion. Whether you are a native or non-native English-speaking writer, I can ensure your work is in accordance with standard American English grammar and syntax. Some of the projects I have worked on include journal articles, grant proposals, theses, CVs, blogs, researcher profiles, book chapters, package labels, and more.

Services provided: 
Book chapters
Case studies
Continuing education modules
Cover letters
Dissertations & theses
Galley proofs
Grant proposals
Grant revisions
Manuscript reviews
Marketing materials
Patient education materials
Philosophy statements
Product and package labels
Promotion packages
Responses to reviewers
Review articles
Scientific editing
Slide and poster presentations

Health Communications

Physicians and other healthcare providers are experts at what they do, but they may need a writer’s expertise when communicating with patients or the media. I have a strong educational and professional background in the biological sciences and public health, and I am credentialed as a registered dietitian. This unique mix of education, training, and clinical and writing experience provides me a wide-angle view of health communication that few of my contemporaries possess. I can help you develop educational materials (pdf) in clear, plain English that your patients and clients can understand, and I can produce press releases that help you share your news, whether it’s a recent discovery in your lab, a new treatment you’re offering, or a patient success story.